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Bay Area Divers History

     In 1974, a few members of the NASA Recreational Organization, Frank Resch, Cliff Holloway, Hal Devaney and Tom Rumney, decided to start a dive club for the public and non-NASA personnel. The as yet unnamed club was conceived.
     Word spread throughout Clear Lake City that a meeting of the new dive club would be held on the first Wednesday of the month. The turnout was tremendous and over the next few months, the first slate of officers were elected and the first constitution and by-laws hammered out. Bay Area Divers was now a viable organization.
     Since that time, Bay Area Divers has grown tremendously and yet still maintains the closeness of the original group. It is an active group of fun-loving divers who are out to have a good and safe time diving. Bay Area Divers has made a favorable mark on the Houston/Galveston area diving community with it's past SCUBA divers market, frequent dive trips and community programs.
     Please feel free to join us at our monthly meetings and have a good 'BAD' time! (please see the calendar )

Note: We are now a 501c4 'Not for Profit' organization. Click here for more information.

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Board of Directors & Divers of the Year

Each year we vote on the one member of Bay Area Divers who best embodies the spirit of the club, performing activities, and supporting club functions for Diver of the Year.

Year President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Communications Director Membership

Board Members

Diver of the Year
2023 Vacant Christie Emerson Kirk Leissner Vacant Crystal Lee Julie Leissner Cherie' Zarsky
Dave Pichler
TBD Dec 2023
2022 Patrick Newman Vacant Vacant Cherie' Zarsky Vacant Lisa White Christie Emerson
Linda Sandhop
Dave Pichler
2021 Christie Emerson Vacant Kirk Leissner Cherie' Zarsky Vacant Judith Jackson Courtney Hooker
Dave Pichler
Kirk Leissner
2020 Christie Emerson Thomas Elder Kirk Leissner Cindy Newman Vacant Judith Jackson JC Andrews
Dave Pichler
Keith Seiser
2019 Gary Fesler Lonnie Ceylon Kirk Leissner Christie Emerson Jenna Contenta Debbie Foster Muir Dave Pichler
Donna Contenta
Kirk Leissner
2018 Gary Fesler Patrick Newman Jackie Kamholz Shelby Dill Jenna Contenta Cindy Romano Dave Pichler
Donna Contenta
Cathie Brown
Shelby Dill
2017 Doreen Wells Gary Fesler Jim McConville Libby Torgeson Jackie Kamholz Cindy Romano David Romano
Shelby Dill
Gary Fesler
2016 Rusty Benigar Doreen Wells Jim McConville Libby Torgeson Jenna Contenta  Cindy Romano David Romano 
Harry Brelsford
Libby Torgeson
2015 Doreen Wells Vacant Jim McConville Libby Torgeson Jenna Contenta Cindy Newman &
Cindy Romano
Shelby Dill 
Harry Brelsford
Jenna Contenta
2014 Doreen Wells Rick Decker Jim McConville Judith Jackson Jenna Contenta Cindy Newman Sandy Beniger 
Rodney "PeeWee" Dwire
Jim McConville
2013 David Romano Randy Widaman Jim McConville Cindy Romano Patrick Newman Cindy Newman Rusty Beniger 
Wendy Whitehouse
Cindy & Patrick Newman
2012 Doreen Wells Ja Van Pruett/
Randy Widaman
Jim McConville Cindy Romano Ja Van Pruett Seldon Crump David Romano
Randy Widaman/
Cindy Newman
David & Cindy Romano
2011 Doreen Wells Ja Van Pruett Jim McConville Cindy Romano Ja Van Pruett Seldon Crump Christie Zamora
David Romano
Doreen Wells
2010 Christie Zamora Vacant Shelby Dill Sandee Roquemore Ja Van Pruett Mei-Hwa Ferguson

Neil Lowrey

David Romano

Randy Widaman

Year President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Editor

Board Members

Diver of the Year
2009 Jim Delane

Christie Zamora

Steve Giesler Sandee Roquemore Ja Van Pruett

Randy Widaman

Lanelle Hanagriff

Paul Hanagriff

Christie Zamora
2008 Jim Delane

Kyle Stephens/

Christie Zamora

Steve Giesler Sandee Roquemore Ja Van Pruett

Randy Widaman

PeeWee Dwire

Dennis Camp

Jim Delane

Randy Widaman

Jim Delane Lucinda Guajardo Jim Carmin Ja Van Pruett

Butch Shannon

Rowe Henry  

Tanya Gorguraki

Ja Van Pruett
2006 Beverly Cutler Jim Delane Fred Swerdlin Madeleine Barnes Ja Van Pruett

Butch Shannon

Randy Widaman

Rowe Henry  

Jim Delane
2005 Mike White Randy Widaman  Fred Swerdlin Larry Albritton Ja Van Pruett

Butch Shannon

Jim Delane

Rowe Henry  

Bill Jones
2004 Mike White Randy Widaman Kenneth Kimmey Madeline Barnes Ja Van Pruett

Todd Rushing

Butch Shannon

Beverly Cutler

Randy Widaman 
2003 Randy Widaman        


Beverly Cutler
2002 Randy Widaman        


Donnie & Fran Eubanks
2001 John Taylor        


Kenneth Kimmey
2000 John Taylor        


Lee Mixon & Todd Rushing
1999 Chuck Boyd        


Jane Thompson
1998 Chuck Boyd        


John & Nell Taylor
1997 Dick Osborne        


John & Nell Taylor
1996 Dick Osborne        


Wayne & Joyce Smith
1995 Aubrey Johnston        


Bob Osteen
1994 Dick Osborne        


Dick Osborne
1993 Dick Osborne        


Dick Osborne
1992 Chuck Boyd        


Susan Boyd
1991 Chuck Boyd        


The Erndt Family
1990 Steve Davis        


Don Barnes
1989 Bob Schaettle        


Henry Seale
1988 Chuck Boyd        


Chuck Boyd & Jim Towers
1987 Chuck Boyd        


Bob Poole
1986 Robert Barringer        


Chuck Boyd
1985 Robert Barringer        


Brandon Broom
1984 Steve Davis        


Pete Moore
1983 John Keener        


Mike & Melanie Kirby
1982 Steve Davis        


John Keener
1981 Steve Davis        


Gene & Sara Baugher,
Judy McKinnon
1980 Chuck Boyd        


Steve Davis
1979 Chuck Boyd        


Bud & Clair Cross
1978 Earl Crum        


Jim Fowler
1977 Jim Fowler        


Linda Talley & Penny Riojas
1976 Frank Resch        


George Clark
1975 Frank Resch        


Tom Rumney
1974 Chuck Latady