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Membership Advantages and Benefits  

Want to become a "BADdie"???

What does it cost? - not much!


It depends on when you join the club!

If you are renewing your membership or new member joining sometime between 

January through June then it is a full year membership.


If you are a new member and joining sometime 

July through December then there is a half year membership option available. 

Memberships can be either individual or family. 


Full year membership dues are $20* for a single membership and $30* for a family membership.

Half year membership dues (New members only) are $10* for a single membership and $15* for a family membership.


We now offer a Lifetime Membership Option! Please contact any board member for more details or for any questions you may have.


Acceptance Mark

* $1.00 shipping (a.k.a. "convenience") fee will be added for PayPal transactions.

Members MUST fill out and return the membership application (PDF)

before receiving full member status and privileges.

Membership Options

Become a member of the "BAD"est dive club in the world!!


You can either bring the completed application to the monthly meeting,

 scan and email or snail mail it. 


           Contact for a postal address

Advantages to being a "BADdie..."

Benefits of membership include:

1. Being a part of BAD helps dive-oriented, educational, and environmental charities through club donations.


2. Discounts on dive trips and scuba lessons.


3. Lots of local activities to participate in such as local diving, picnics, tours, canoe trips, and more...


4. Speakers, presentations, and fun at the monthly meeting and annual Dinner. 


5. The opportunity to talk and dive with experienced divers which can help you improve your skills.


6. Access to Club Newsletters and Members Only events. This includes information about activities, picnics, useful information, local and international dive trips.


7. Hanging around with a bunch of really fun people that like to dive safely and party!!

So be BAD and join us for the fun of it!!!!